The Rules

Having our own blog is a great chance to share what we have been up to. However, this is a place for us all to be happy, get along and stay safe so there are a few rules…

  1. If you are a pupil posting then you should only write your first name, not your surname.
  2. If you are not a pupil at the school then please remember, this is a school blog and represents the hard work of children so be nice!
  3. If you are a pupil and you are worried about anything that is posted or that someone has said, please talk to an adult at home and school to let them know.
  4. Stay safe by being ‘SMART‘ – Remember your e-safety training at school. Visit the e-safety section of the school website to find out more.
  5. Above all, enjoy! It’s a place of learning and a place to showcase the fantastic work we do at school.
  1. Riya: The rules are useful for other people who is’nt in this school!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s great rules Mr B

  3. for example:
    Don’t talk when the teacher is talking.
    follow the golden rules.
    Be helpful to each other.

  4. Ellis and Hardeep

    The rules are to be kind and helpful and be honest and help each other out.

  5. I will follow them! Bye the way cool blog!!!

  6. Great rules Mr . Bryant !

  7. Helpful rules to remember!

  8. It’s great having our rules !

  9. these rules SHOULD help us be kind and will keep everything good especially for people n other schools

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