Sports Day Success

On Tuesday 5HB celebrated some great successes during Sports Day.

Blue House won overall but pupils in 5HB also did pretty well themselves:

1st Place, Girls 100m Hurdles:  Mckayla (Red)

2nd Place, Boys 100m Hurdles:  Ammek (Blue)

2nd Place, Girls 100m:  Riya M (Blue)

2nd Place, Boys 100m:  Ellis (Red)

3rd Place, Boys Bean Bag Race:  Elvis (Yellow)

3rd Place, Girls Egg & Spoon:  Najma (Blue)

3rd Place, Boys Egg & Spoon:  Brandon (Green)

Ibeer, Fabiana and Josh were also part of the winning Relay team from Blue House.

5HB also scored the most points for good behaviour, team spirit and for movement between the field activities. Excellent work everyone – today’s reward was well earned!


Natural History Museum Trip

Next Friday (12th July) we will be visiting the Natural History Museum in London, a trip I’m really looking forward to as I’ve always wanted to go there with Pinkwell School.

Gifts are available to pre-order, but your letter needs to be back with the correct money by FRIDAY 5th JULY.

Remember, EVERYONE needs to bring this letter back as it gives permission for you to go. Bring it back even if you are not buying any gifts.

For more information about the Natural History Museum, and what you will be able to see when we visit, click here. We will be spending most of our time in the BLUE zone, with some in the GREEN zone and possibly, maybe, a quick trip to the RED zone.

KS2 Sports Day

Sports day for KS2 is on Tuesday 2nd July.

Year 5 will be taking part in the fun activities (such as the ‘Cage of Rage’ and Agility Course) from 9:30-11am, then races from 11-12:20am.

Parents and carers etc are all welcome to attend and support children throughout!

Remember to bring a PE kit that is in your house colour!

Using coordinates to help reflect a shape

Today we looked at how to use coordinates to help us when reflecting a shape.

Coordinate Grid

We developed some useful steps to success and then attempted to identify where the vertices of a shape would be once we reflected it.

If you want to watch a really useful video that sums this up, click here (sorry, can’t embed this one!)

In slightly related Maths news, click here to have a go at using LOGO online!

Leonardo da Vinci

Today in Art we looked at re-creating one of Leonardo di Vinci’s most famous paintings, the Mona Lisa.


Here are some of da Vinci’s more interesting designs for unusual machines and contraptions (remember that he was painting and drawing in the 1400’s so there were no helicopters or flying machines then!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want more information about Leonardo da Vinci, the Canadian Science Museum has a really good website all about him (click here) or you can view the BBC website we looked at in class by clicking here.

P.S. I’ve actually been to the Louvre museum in Paris and seen the Mona Lisa (yes, for real). It was alright. Mr B

Download the Mona Lisa images we used by clicking here

Extra! Extra! 5HB Analyses Articles!

Today we looked in detail at how a newspaper article was structured and came up with this success criteria:

Features of an article (HB)_1

Have a look at some of our favourite news websites, find an article yourself and see how many of the points on our success criteria it contains!

For the spinning statue story, click here!

World Factbook

Today we looked at some really interesting facts about different countries around the world using the CIA World Factbook (click here)

CIA Factbook

Visit the factbook yourself to learn more and compare the different countries.

What can you find out and add as a comment on the blog to share with others?

Y6 Transition Event

Your parents are all invited to a Y6 information event – you will be getting this letter later today.

If they want to find out more about Year Six, they should go!

Tower of London Visit

It didn’t rain! Hooray!

I hope you all enjoyed our trip to the Tower of London on Friday – what was your favourite part?

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Retro Gaming!

Check out this awesome game from 1981! Can you beat the Qix? (click here)


Also, can you guess what this has to do with our lesson?

Trapeziums, you will need to follow these links later: