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Spacewalk aborted!

Astronauts from the International Space Station were taking part in a spacewalk today to get the space station ready for a new module.

However, during the walk one of the astronauts found there was water inside his spacesuit and it started to become quite dangerous – it didn’t have anywhere to go and he couldn’t see very well! Imagine how dangerous that would be if you were up in space!

For more information about the International Space Station, click here!

Here is the BBC news article if you would like to read it:


Natural History Museum Photos

On Friday 12th July 5HB had a fantastic trip to the Natural History Museum in London – have a look through our gallery of photographs to see what we got up to.

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“That was amazing”

Those ae the words of Rhea K in our class during our trip to the Natural History Museum. I would definitely agree, the trip was a massive success and you were outstanding!

I will put the photos up here very soon, but for now I want to say thank you for your hard work and that you were a credit to our school – well done!

What did you think about the trip? What was the best thing you saw? Get all your posts up here on he blog!

Revisit some of the astounding things we saw by watching this video produced by the museum…

Terrific Trip to the Natural History Museum

On Friday we will be visiting the Natural History Museum! This is a trip we are all really looking forward to.

Some of the main things we will be looking at are:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Mammals
  • Arachnids and insects
  • Fossils

For more information about some of these topics, follow the links below:

Reminder, we will be spending most of our time in the BLUE zone, and some in the GREEN zone (if we’re lucky, we might get a quick visit to the RED zone).

What have you found out? What are you looking forward to? Post as comments to the blog!

Natural History Museum Trip

Next Friday (12th July) we will be visiting the Natural History Museum in London, a trip I’m really looking forward to as I’ve always wanted to go there with Pinkwell School.

Gifts are available to pre-order, but your letter needs to be back with the correct money by FRIDAY 5th JULY.

Remember, EVERYONE needs to bring this letter back as it gives permission for you to go. Bring it back even if you are not buying any gifts.

For more information about the Natural History Museum, and what you will be able to see when we visit, click here. We will be spending most of our time in the BLUE zone, with some in the GREEN zone and possibly, maybe, a quick trip to the RED zone.

Playing the guitar in space!

So today we spent time listening to Mr Baker and other people in our class play their guitars and share what they have been learning in their guitar lessons.

Commander Chris Hadfield is a Canadian Astronaut who until very recently was in charge of the International Space Station. Whilst he was there he recorded many videos sharing what space is like and how things work in space.

One of his last videos was the one I’ve posted below where he re-recorded a famous song by David Bowie. He sung and played the guitar IN SPACE!

Remember, this is not a science-fiction film, this is REAL and was actually filmed and recorded on the International Space Station. Amazing,

The last few moments of the video show Commander Hadfield’s return to Earth in the Soyuz capsule.

If you like this video and want to see more of Commander Hadfield’s videos about life in space, click here to visit the excellent youtube channel. Do it!

Finally, why not watch this video where Commander Hadfield explains how he re-learnt to play the guitar in space as things were a little different!

Chinese spacecraft docks with space station!

Astronauts from China have completed their first manned docking between a spacecraft and a space station today.

Learn more about this at the BBC News website (click here).

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China have only recently started exploring space and have sent ten different men and women into space – their first was in 2003. By comparison, Russia has sent over one hundred and fifty and the Americans over three hundred and fifty!

The first ever docking of a spacecraft with a space station was in 1971 – forty two years ago.

The Chinese have stated they want to send men and women to the Moon and Mars by 2033. What do you think?

Hygiene Posters

Homework today is to create a hygiene poster explaining how to keep clean and healthy when cooking.

These are links to the documents we used in class and they are here to help you!

Hygiene Powerpoint

Super Simulations

On Friday we had a look at an amazing solar system simulation.

Using the different presets, and by changing the mass (weight), velocity (speed) and direction of the different planets we created fantastic solar systems!

Remember, our solar system wasn’t always the way it is now. When it was being formed there were a lot more planets and objects orbiting the sun – whenever they got close their gravity would affect the way they moved, just like in this simulation.

Solar System Simulator

Have a go online, it’s free!

What do you think? Add a comment to the blog below…

If you want to look at a simulation of our actual solar system, you won’t find much better than this link (click here)


Sources of Energy

Earlier today we investigated how a wind turbine worked and then came up with our own ideas about how to look after the environment. You can view the wind turbine explanation here:

Some of you also looked at renewable and non-renewable energy sources – you can view that clip here too:

What do you think? How could we look after the environment through our actions in class?