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Fractions Steps to Success

Today we developed our steps to success for finding fractions of an amount.

Here are our steps for fractions and a video of how to follow them:

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Using coordinates to help reflect a shape

Today we looked at how to use coordinates to help us when reflecting a shape.

Coordinate Grid

We developed some useful steps to success and then attempted to identify where the vertices of a shape would be once we reflected it.

If you want to watch a really useful video that sums this up, click here (sorry, can’t embed this one!)

In slightly related Maths news, click here to have a go at using LOGO online!

Area Self-Evaluation

Tomorrow we will be looking at area.

Follow the link to complete your self-evaluation.


  • You just need to write the number, not the colour.
  • Click out of the box when you’ve finished.

New interactive Maths zone!

Wow! Just check out our new INTERACTIVE Maths area!

Get involved and see what you can learn!

  • Show off your skills with probability by answering the tricky questions, or perhaps pose some of your own…
  • Test your partner’s knowledge of Maths vocabulary – can they give you the definition of a square?
  • Add, subtract, multiply or divide; identify special prime numbers, multiples or factors…


Revising Division

Earlier today we reminded ourselves how to use efficient methods to divide a number. Look at the examples below and watch the videos of Jaipreet, Fahiza and Debora demonstrating short division, chunking and the number line.

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The number line with Debora

Chunking with Fahiza

Short division with Jaipreet

Trapezium Addition & Subtraction

View the Level 5 – 7 addition and subtraction questions here and complete your working out in your book.

11+ Preparation

Anyone planning on sitting the 11+ exam and hoping to get in to grammar school should visit the 11+ preparation page on the blog. Here you will be able to find a sample Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning test, copies of important documents and links to other example papers.

Don’t forget, if you are applying to the Slough Grammar Schools Consortium, you need to get a move on! Registration forms are available from Friday 24th May and need to be returned by Friday 28th June (DO NOT return them to Pinkwell!)