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Tower of London Visit

It didn’t rain! Hooray!

I hope you all enjoyed our trip to the Tower of London on Friday – what was your favourite part?

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Wet Weather on Friday

The forecast for our trip on Friday is RAIN!

Bring a coat. We will be outside for most of the day and if you haven’t got one you WILL GET WET!

London Weather

Chinese spacecraft docks with space station!

Astronauts from China have completed their first manned docking between a spacecraft and a space station today.

Learn more about this at the BBC News website (click here).

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China have only recently started exploring space and have sent ten different men and women into space – their first was in 2003. By comparison, Russia has sent over one hundred and fifty and the Americans over three hundred and fifty!

The first ever docking of a spacecraft with a space station was in 1971 – forty two years ago.

The Chinese have stated they want to send men and women to the Moon and Mars by 2033. What do you think?

Tower of London Research

Next week we will be visiting the Tower of London as part of our topic on the Tudors.

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Today we carried out some research to help us prepare for the trip:

Did you know…

  • There are 37 Yeoman Warders who guard the tower?
  • Anne Boleyn was executed at the Tower, not with an axe, but with a sword?
  • The Crown Jewels are kept at the Tower of London?

Learn more by looking through our collaborative presentation below. You can also visit the official website to find out some amazing facts  (click here)!


The Lives of Tudor Children

Today we were learning about how life as a child during the Tudor period would have been very different to life in the 21st Century.

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To find out more you could watch these clips from the BBC Learning Website:

For all the video clips about the Tudors by BBC Learning, click here!