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The Last Post!

So this is it 5HB, the very end!

For me it has been a fantastic two years and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all in Years Four and Five. At the risk of being slightly sentimental, I think I might even miss you! Remember, KS1 isn’t a different dimension – you can always come and visit!

I will be leaving this blog up on the web so that you can look back at your old work and also post comments from time to time if you wish.

Hopefully there will be a new 1HB blog starting very soon ( and I’d love you to visit. However, right now you can move over to my teaching blog ( where you’ll still be able to find interesting (or not-so-interesting) things I’ll be posting about a whole range of topics.

All that’s left to say is THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK – you’ve all been great.

Mr Bryant

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

So here it is at last, the 5HB News!

We worked really hard on this newspaper during our final literacy unit in Year Five. Have a good read and post some comments about the different things we did.

Well done on a great newspaper 5HB – you’ve done an excellent job!

Natural History Museum Photos

On Friday 12th July 5HB had a fantastic trip to the Natural History Museum in London – have a look through our gallery of photographs to see what we got up to.

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The beginning of the end for 5HB

So today you meet your new class teachers and get a glimpse of what life will be like in Year Six.

The worst kept secret in the school is that unfortunately I won’t be joining you next year but instead am making a move down to Year One! For those that missed all the unintentional clues left around the classroom, perhaps you should have been more awake!

What are your thoughts on moving to Year Six?

Sports Day Success

On Tuesday 5HB celebrated some great successes during Sports Day.

Blue House won overall but pupils in 5HB also did pretty well themselves:

1st Place, Girls 100m Hurdles:  Mckayla (Red)

2nd Place, Boys 100m Hurdles:  Ammek (Blue)

2nd Place, Girls 100m:  Riya M (Blue)

2nd Place, Boys 100m:  Ellis (Red)

3rd Place, Boys Bean Bag Race:  Elvis (Yellow)

3rd Place, Girls Egg & Spoon:  Najma (Blue)

3rd Place, Boys Egg & Spoon:  Brandon (Green)

Ibeer, Fabiana and Josh were also part of the winning Relay team from Blue House.

5HB also scored the most points for good behaviour, team spirit and for movement between the field activities. Excellent work everyone – today’s reward was well earned!

Natural History Museum Trip

Next Friday (12th July) we will be visiting the Natural History Museum in London, a trip I’m really looking forward to as I’ve always wanted to go there with Pinkwell School.

Gifts are available to pre-order, but your letter needs to be back with the correct money by FRIDAY 5th JULY.

Remember, EVERYONE needs to bring this letter back as it gives permission for you to go. Bring it back even if you are not buying any gifts.

For more information about the Natural History Museum, and what you will be able to see when we visit, click here. We will be spending most of our time in the BLUE zone, with some in the GREEN zone and possibly, maybe, a quick trip to the RED zone.

KS2 Sports Day

Sports day for KS2 is on Tuesday 2nd July.

Year 5 will be taking part in the fun activities (such as the ‘Cage of Rage’ and Agility Course) from 9:30-11am, then races from 11-12:20am.

Parents and carers etc are all welcome to attend and support children throughout!

Remember to bring a PE kit that is in your house colour!

Y6 Transition Event

Your parents are all invited to a Y6 information event – you will be getting this letter later today.

If they want to find out more about Year Six, they should go!

Wet Weather on Friday

The forecast for our trip on Friday is RAIN!

Bring a coat. We will be outside for most of the day and if you haven’t got one you WILL GET WET!

London Weather

Tuesday Self-Evaluation

Click here to self-evaluate against today’s targets…