About 5HB

5HB are a fantastic class at Pinkwell Primary School in Hayes, Middlesex.

Led by Mr Bryant, 5HB are developing their understanding of the world and learning new facts and skills.

Miss Adams teaches on a Thursday and Miss Rees is always on hand to help in class too.

5HB has a huge range of skills and talents; some of us are exceptional mathematicians whilst others could put a few of Hollywood’s finest actors to shame!

We will be sharing our best work and the different things we are up to in class, so check back often!

  1. 5HB is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Issa & Josh

    5hb is the best class in the whole school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 5hb is the best

  4. I am posting this on my sisters iphone but I thing 5hb is the best class in the year

  5. 5HB is a great class!

  6. 5HB is a fantastic team!

  7. go 5hb

  8. No your all wrong 5BR are cool an they rule forever so get that right

  9. Hmmm………….You sure about that?

  10. 5HB are awesome and get along very well! I think we are the best class in the year! Not even that, in the entire school! 😉

  11. I think 5hj is the best class ever because i am in it😌

  12. I think 5HB are really great because they work together and work hard as well:) .

  13. I think 5hb is the best so get that fact right!!


  15. Mr Bryant is the best and the most wonderful, cleverest teacher in the whole entire universe.

  16. This is the best website in the world

  17. Oh my god 5BW is the best out of the whole of year 5!!!!!

  18. hey guys i’m on my psp comenting

  19. 5HB ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  20. mr bryant when is your 1hb blog gona start

  21. 5hb is best

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