The Last Post!

So this is it 5HB, the very end!

For me it has been a fantastic two years and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all in Years Four and Five. At the risk of being slightly sentimental, I think I might even miss you! Remember, KS1 isn’t a different dimension – you can always come and visit!

I will be leaving this blog up on the web so that you can look back at your old work and also post comments from time to time if you wish.

Hopefully there will be a new 1HB blog starting very soon ( and I’d love you to visit. However, right now you can move over to my teaching blog ( where you’ll still be able to find interesting (or not-so-interesting) things I’ll be posting about a whole range of topics.

All that’s left to say is THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK – you’ve all been great.

Mr Bryant

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  1. I’m going to miss this class

  2. Goodbye guys

  3. Looking forward to visiting you in year 1 Mr B

  4. miss u guys im sure we will see each other in year 6
    and GOOD LUCK.


  6. I’m going to miss Y5!!!!!!

  7. i wish i was still in 5hb

  8. i wish i was in 5hb

  9. Hi everyone hw are u hope ur all well

  10. im am going to miss year5

  11. I have nothing to do but I will go to Thorpe Park tomorrow

  12. I wish we had Mr Bryant in year 6

  13. 5hb is the class

  14. I am. Miss every body I hope every one is having great fun in there holiday!

  15. Hi Guys I am in year 7 now and it is awesome but I still miss 5HB

  16. Anas The Best

    I am here the best guy ever

  17. year 8 now!

  18. Why
    And i am are hamza in 5lA

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