Natural History Museum Groups

After looking at your requests and then leaving them at school I have now decided on the groups for our trip to the Natural History Museum:

Mr Bryant
Rhea, Simran, Anas and Ellis

Mr Bryant Snr
Ammek, Fahiza, Brandon and Shayan

Mrs Bryant
Fabiana, Riya M, Hardeep, Issa and Josh

Miss Rees
Mohamed, Rajan, Najm, Ibeer and Elvis

Miss Hirdle
Rajveer, Jamie-Lee, Mckayla and Sanisha

Mrs Fulker
Jaskaran, Jaipreet, Arshiyan, Akshita and Debora

Like it? Great! Don’t like it? Tough!

I’m sure you are all really looking forward to it and after my trip there with 5BW I know it’s going to be a fantastic day!


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  1. I don’t like it at all I wanted to be in Mrs Fulker or Miss Rees

  2. We are going with 5HJ Mr Bryant.

  3. I’m am so excited to go to are school trip I cant wait 🙂 :}

  4. Damn, i wish i was in year 5 again!!!!!!

  5. :O I can’t forget bout this doe >:)

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