Terrific Trip to the Natural History Museum

On Friday we will be visiting the Natural History Museum! This is a trip we are all really looking forward to.

Some of the main things we will be looking at are:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Mammals
  • Arachnids and insects
  • Fossils

For more information about some of these topics, follow the links below:

Reminder, we will be spending most of our time in the BLUE zone, and some in the GREEN zone (if we’re lucky, we might get a quick visit to the RED zone).

What have you found out? What are you looking forward to? Post as comments to the blog!


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  1. Rajveer & Riya

    Mammuthus trogontherii, lived about 200,000 years ago.

    • Josh and Najma

      Scientists have discovered at least two asteroid hits to the Earth may have been responsible for why the dinosaurs became extinct.

    • Josh and Najma

      Did you know there are ants that cut leaves!!

  2. Hawk moths have streamlined wings and bodies perfectly adapted for rapid flight. They are capable of hovering while they use their long tongues to sip nectar from deep flowers such as orchids.

  3. I never knew that real dinosaur bones were in the museum

  4. I think the blue zone is the most interesting of all the zones (Fossils)

  5. Rajveer & Riya

    Millipedes can grow up to 300mm long.

  6. I think all of the zone are awesome I cant wait at all

  7. to go there

  8. In the blue zone you get to see fossils and dinosaurs and many more πŸ™‚

  9. Beware the super-senses of the giant animation model – you could be its next victim! Marvel at the power of its huge jawbone and 15-cm-long teeth.
    Too bad that they don’t live any more.

  10. Brandon and Rhea

    The heaviest spider in the world is the Goliath bird eating spider

  11. Rajveer & Riya

    There are more than 40,000 spiders in the world.

  12. Josh and Najma

    Did you know that everything that is alive as animal or plant. So, if you’re not a plant then you are an animal!

  13. I want to ask the class this question
    How do you think the dinosaurs extinct?

    • Josh and Najma

      Scientists have discovered at least two asteroid hits to the Earth may have been responsible for why the dinosaurs became extinct.

      • Josh and Najma

        It was thought that the dinosaur T. Rex lived only in North America and Asia.

  14. Rajveer & Riya

    Most spiders have 8 eyes.

  15. Debora and Ibeer

    πŸ™‚ I love find out new facts about different things ! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    Did you know that The Tyrannosaurus Rex live’s in Australia !

    • That is really true because have went to see if it was true my self !
      Just to see if Debora did put it wrong ! πŸ™‚

  16. Josh and Najma

    Did you know? Tiger sharks, great white sharks and bull sharks are behind most shark attacks on humans.

  17. Rajveer & Riya

    Worms don’t have arms, legs or bones.

  18. Rajveer & Riya

    There are over 3,000 different types of worms.

  19. Rajveer & Riya

    Worms can eat their own weight.

  20. fabiana and mohmmed

    the dinarues happen about 65 million years ago

  21. Locusts feed on plants, leaves and young shoots. When they swarm together they can take over areas of land. Even in small groups of 5,000 million, they can devour 1,000 tons of vegetation a day.

  22. WOW From slow, plant-eating giants to fierce scavengers and hunters, dinosaurs dominated the land for over 160 million years.

  23. Brandon and Rhea

    Their are only 3 ways the dinosaurs got extinct 1st is asteroids 2nd is old age last is they lived in the dark too long

  24. Rajveer & Riya

    Yellow jackets are the most poisonous wasps in the world1

  25. fabiana and mohmmed

    the first dinruser to be burn was Megalosaurus , back in 1824

  26. Rajveer & Riya

    Yellow jacket wasp nests usually last for only one season.

  27. I like the video of the natural history museum.

  28. Rajveer & Riya

    Many spiders only live about a year.

  29. Carnivores are meat eating dinos
    Herbivores are plant eating dinos
    Omnivores are both eating dinos so they basically they eat plants
    and meat, omnivores are human because we eat both.

  30. Did you know that crocodiles put baby crocodiles in to there mouth but don’t eat them just suck:):)

  31. Rajveer & Riya

    There are over 600 different kinds of leeches.

  32. I think its going to be great

  33. Rajveer & Riya

    In 20 minutes they can absorb five times their weight in blood.

  34. hardeep and ellis

    We never knew that fishes can get same oxgen air like us

  35. did you no that 20 diffararnt Dinersores

  36. Rajveer & Riya

    A cockroach can live a week without its head.

  37. Rajveer & Riya

    The roach only dies because it doesn’t have a mouth.

  38. did you no that there are 20 diffarerent spiecese of dinersoreses

  39. Arshiyan and Mckayla

    We cant wait!

  40. Astronaut comes from the Greek words astron and nuats meaning ‘star sailor.

  41. Do you know the difference between a millipede and centipede
    if you don’t lucky I do
    millipedes are vegetarians
    And centipedes are meat eaters

  42. I like the natural history museum πŸ™‚

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